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Service and expertise in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential.


Repairs of all kind (Membranes, Slate, Metal)

Whether for low slope roofs (flat roof) or steep, our professional teams are there to meet your needs for repairs and all types of roofs by targeting the problem well in order to avoid costs too high.

Roof replacement projects

No challenge is too great when it comes time to replace your roof. Whether it’s a high building or with a multitude of equipment or environments where protection and health and safety of the company's operations is a challenge, Norman & Collie has solutions to carry your projects.

Opening Additions roof, new base or other change

You want to change or add equipment to your roof? Ask our professional teams to ensure a good seal and thereby protect your existing investment.

Service and Maintenance Program

One factor that is still very important is a good preventive maintenance program for your roof to ensure greater performance and longevity of your investment and avoid problems that sometimes can be critical to your operations. Consult with one of our representatives to establish a customized program according to your budget

Snow removal

The excessive accumulation of snow on your roof can cause serious injury or even the possibility of collapse in extreme cases. If necessary, ask our snow removal crews to make sure;


- A working method that will protect your roof and equipment from damage during snow removal thereof.

-A job done safely both at the roof level and at ground level all work exceeding the health and safety standards.

24/7 emergency services

Anytime you can communicate to (514) 595-8648, a member of our team will respond to deploy an emergency team to perform temporary or permanent repairs as appropriate. If major work is required, a member of our staff will contact you to evaluate possible solutions.


90 years and growing

Since 1928 Norman & Collie has built its reputation based on service and quality of its work and now, following new technologies, Norman & Collie has experienced teams ready to ensure the same professional and quality service for the installation of the following systems;







For information:

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